Partner Search Platform - Interreg Central Baltic

Welcome to the
Interreg Central Baltic Partner search platform!

Get started

1. Make new contacts

On the left-side bar, enter “Members”. Use the advanced member search to find relevant partners for you. Even if there are not many members here yet, our community is constantly growing.

Come back often to meet new members!

Get creative

2. Create project idea

To create your own, click “Project Ideas” on the left-side menu bar.

Decide on the visibility of your project idea:

  • public – the name is shown in the overview, everyone can see the content of the group
  • private – the name is shown in the overview, the content is hidden for other members unless you accept their request to join
  • hidden – the name is not shown in the overview, only users with invitiation can see and join it

Use a significant name and a short description. Invite people who might be interested, discuss your project idea!

Get in touch

3. Revisit often

You will receive notifications whenever something relevant happens (someone wants to become a friend with you, you receive a message etc.). You can finetune those e-mail notifications in your profile settings. Either way, come back often, develop your Project Ideas and search for partners as the platform is constantly growing!